Your simple solution for CD, DVD and print components production!!

  • Not sure how to produce CD or DVD from your own material?
  • Not sure of the packing for your CD or DVD?
  • After a premium or presentation CD/DVD with a film or music?
  • Do not know how to have it done and how much to budget?

Not enough time?


Congratulations!! This is the right place to be and your problem is solved.

We provide a one stop solution for musicians, bands, programmers, big and small companies or govermant organizations. We do not own manufacturing plants and therfore excellent customer service and communication is the most important feafure of our business. We have preferential agreements with most cost effective CD/DVD plants, printing plants, graphic and authoring studios in Eastern Europe that cater to all of our production requirements.

Our mission is "together with the client to find out the most effective production solutions for CD/DVD, print components and other media packing. We offer the best current market terms so that the requested budgets are always met." Our philosophy is service excellence.